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  • BWT Service, or Bonded Warehouse Transit Service, provides comprehensive storage and management of your cargo in a bonded warehouse. After the final sale is completed and the destination is determined, we handle the transportation of your cargo to its final destination.


    We ensure meticulous management of your cargo from arrival and storage to final shipment, covering every step of the process.

    In Busan, Korean and Dalian, China 

  • From receiving and storing your cargo to shipping it out, our experienced and skilled team ensures efficient and accurate handling. Our user-friendly system allows you to check your inventory in real-time through our web platform.

    In Busan, Korean and Dalian, China 

  • Our specialized forwarding team and dedicated system for customers and staff focus on providing superior service and enhancing employee convenience. By handling both export and import using containers, we consistently deliver high-quality services.

    In Korea, Japan, China

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