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The best way of moving your frozen fish

Hello :-)

Per Brautaset


Vice President

Jennifer Adamski

The professional logistic group that transports Alaskan seafood

to the world.


They provide a one-stop logistics service  by 


KIF      - Freight forwarder in Seattle
ARM   - Conventional Tramper Compay in Seattle
KDH   - Dutch Harbor Private Terminal

The seamless service from Alaska to the world destination with booking, storing, loading, and timely reporting, easy communication.

How did it start?

Alaska produces about 1 million tons of seafood every year, worth about 6 billion USD.

Of this, 70% is exported, and 30% is consumed domestically in the United States.

Therefore, to become a strong helper and partner for Alaska seafood export companies,

ARM.KIF invested nearly 80 million USD to build its specialized refrigerated Dutch Harbor Terminal.

By owning a forwarder and cold storage,  we provide a one-stop service to our customers.

​We are doing our best to provide fresh Alaskan seafood safely and quickly.

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